Time just to sit back and enjoy the crisis.

I cannot stand playing stupid games with people anymore. When you have become so weary of playing social games -- and that's all society is really, at every level: a giant game -- you find you don't have too many friends or any partner, and really you come to like it. What did Einstein say? He relished the solitude that is painful in youth but delicious as one matures.

The single greatest tragedy of life is that it is boring most of the time.

Accomplishment is not restricted to human social relations.

Nothing fosters, maintains, and destroys friendships more readily than drugs and alcohol.

Every now and then in life you will find yourself utterly alone -- without a friend, without a lover, without personal or professional prospects of any kind. It is during these times that you are closest to the truth.

The universe doesn't appear to have a specific purpose, but that doesn't mean it can't amount to something.

I'm not the most avid fan of music in general, but I do appreciate any sort of music that can show me my existence is not a hallucination.

Quality of existence is proportional to degree of appreciation.

Sombunall! Some but not all; sometimes but not always.

The typical modern social gathering consists of sitting in traffic on the highway.

It is extremely difficult to find really decent books to read, and it is a virtual impossibility to do it on a regular basis. If you tend to read a fair amount, and will only accept writing which is truly acceptable, you may find yourself without much to read for weeks on end.

Charity is surely a wonderful thing, but the truth is that most people don't feel all that good about receiving it.

Other species give no thought to the possibility of there being more to life than is experienced. Every single other organism on Earth is quite content with things as they are. Only man neurotically dwells on his lot in life, and too commonly the status quo is far from good enough. To compound matters, for most their lot never really changes. It would clearly then behoove us to learn acceptance and satisfaction in who we are. Trying to deny who or what we are, or rebel against it, is at the root of a lot of the major problems we face as a species.

One doesn't get to the top by being a good person.

By and large, people will believe what they are told to believe.

Humans have a serious propensity throughout time of blowing chances.

I'm pretty sure humanity poses no threat whatsoever to any potential advanced race. They may view us with curiosity and/or pity, but probably not threateningly. We would be basically a Petri dish to them.

It has its drawbacks, but all in all, it's not too bad being an unemployable poet.

I manage to keep artificially sane.

One must take a man at his best.

The right question is more important than the right answer.

The most cruel people in all the world are children.

Purely based upon appearances, atheism makes sense. But you never know, and appearances can be deceiving.

Timothy Leary was fond of saying that if philosophy were like baseball, it would be a magnificent success to hit .300. That is, if even roughly a third of your ideas were good, were correct and worthwhile, you'd have done a great job. And of that third, a few will be home runs! What a fantastic analogy -- definitely a big hit.

If you don't fit in anywhere then you know you're onto something.

No one actually has any idea what's really going on, and those very few who may have some reasonably accurate inkling are invariably hidden from view.

People who have smoked and successfully quit would rather have their health than their happiness.

Strength of character and good overall general intelligence are certainly not requirements for being at or near the top of the socioeconomic pyramid. In many cases they are contraindicated, in fact. It's as Laurence Darrell pointed out -- truly interesting people tend not to have a whole lot of money, or prestige.

Our social interactions are shaped primarily by our perceived or supposed roles in them, as if we were a type of actor on a stage. You may do things, think things, say things when in a given role that you would never do privately, or with certain others. Sometimes our roles damn us; sometimes they are liberating. Every relationship, every rapport comes with its own unique little role. Sometimes we're accursed to be the dumb one, sometimes blessed to be the smart one. Sometimes the geek; sometimes the cool one. Sometimes funny; sometimes straight. Everyone knows this, but who talks about it?

True friendship consists of growing up with and spending almost all of your time with someone. No other kind is really worth having, when you've had that.

Every time progress gives us "better," it seems also to give us a little worse.

Your life, you, have, ultimately, no purpose. Your only purpose is to swim toward the light.

One of my favorite parts of being alive is being able to take naps.

What is the percentage of people in society who actually care? Who are actually conscientious? Three percent? One percent? Less? The number has probably remained the same in the dominant societies throughout history.

Personally, I do not read or watch the news much. What it depicts consists of the same happenings, over and over, in slightly different permutations. It's not interesting, and is usually aggravating. I'll pass.

I have found that generally the best people are the most open-minded people.

It seems the problem is that nobody has enough money.

Humans are generally boring, and if they're not boring they're usually irritating and useless anyway, if they are not downright offensive to every sensibility. Very rarely does one find a truly satisfactory human. I've found very many satisfactory dogs. There is no sense in feeling guilty or awkward about this, for anyone who agrees.

The billionaires have as much pull as some medium-sized countries. And I would add that not a single one yet has relinquished that position.

Life is only short to those who are not really living.

Please tell me: What's the difference, really, between dying in fifty years, and dying tomorrow?

I can virtually guarantee that one hundred percent of the really worthy people in the world, you have never heard of.

It is plain that humans are not much more, in aggregate, than sophisticated insectoid parasites. And we breed like cockroaches. Perhaps our end would be a good new beginning for mother Nature.

Despite all the enthusiasm by certain parties, I do not find those who use psychedelic substances to be permanently improved by them in any discernible way.

As far as I am able to tell, the majority of persons who are well-known aren't worth two shits -- nor would I want to know them.

Truth is, my dogs know me better than my humans do -- and that is meaningful to me.

Anyone who thinks he is more entitled than the common man is less of a man than he thinks he is.

Animals do not understand -- nor do they not understand. Perhaps in some way, they understand better than modern, civilized man.

Children are not stupid, but they are so ignorant and inexperienced that their expression is very much akin to stupidity in practice.

My life is pretty simple, but I honestly don't feel like I'm missing anything at this point. I'm quite content just to watch the world go by.

I personally do not believe in heroes, just in people doing their thing out of necessity.

The difference between a dog and a man is one of degree, not kind. And that difference is altogether slight in the cosmic scheme of things.

As we age, in some ways we change dramatically as compared with our youth. Yet, in some ways -- probably more -- we remain exactly the same.

Women are a question without an answer.

Fortunately, there is a lot of good knowledge in the world. Unfortunately, it's not especially well shared.

Are humans precious beings of light? Or worthless sacks of shit? Or both? I'm having trouble trying to tell.

Live when you can.

Human knowledge is provisional and shallow at best.

Dogs are far better judges of character than are humans.

Even the biggest wave subsides back into the sea.

I am quite content to be a respectable amateur over an ill-employed professional. Writing as a profession has quite gone to the dogs. Much like everything else, I guess.

The way I write is fun. If I did it for money I would hate it.

A quiet, private life is the best thing.

Did anyone notice the subcultural awakenings?

If you're trying to remember something, it's impossible to be creative. When you're creative, you are by definition not remembering.

A woman: an amalgam of chaos and wrath, personified.

All roads do, in fact, lead to Rome.

I wouldn't want to be famous. Not at all. Just not the type. Never a household name. What agony that would be. Walking into a cafe in which no one can stop staring at you. Everyone wanting a piece of you. No thanks. I think probably most of the best people aren't really famous, anyway. As John Lennon said, "It takes a bastard to make it, and that's a fact."

Fortune cookie: "You may lack ambition, but not the ability to succeed."

There is really no choice for most anyone but to participate.

Parenting is not the exact science children assume it to be.

Human language is rather blunt and imprecise, but it quite suits us.

It seems to me that there is a little too much boredom on this plane.

If there's one thing I've learned in this life, it's that there ain't any goddamn hurry.

My destiny has already been fulfilled. I am a lame duck.

I'm not sure what good female beauty has ever done anyone.

When it reigns, it poors.

Golf, n. A ludicrous game in which the player, using an articulated club, strikes a small projectile toward a grass target of roughly 70,000 square feet -- which is frequently missed.

Nothing can matter if one doesn't have one's health. Prolonged ill health ruins everything, especially one's source of income. It's a sword of Damocles hanging over everyone in the world, whether they know it or not. Not something to dwell on, of course.

Women truly are, as Bierce correctly stated, the unfair sex. If a man slights a woman in a certain way, it is regarded as a kind of crime. If a woman slights a man in exactly the same way, she will think absolutely nothing of it. Just one example of billions of this phenomenon we all know only too well. Women are essentially -- to the very foundation of their being and to the heights of their spirit -- unpeaceful and unfair.

A fondness for music exists to the degree that one is governed by one's emotions.

I observe that since I stopped drinking and doing drugs, my circle of friends has diminished considerably.

Life is, and individuals are, mostly boring and mostly ordinary almost all of the time.

One important lesson I have learned in life is that it is usually best to leave well enough alone.

A child's imagination is half wonder and half ignorance.

Other minds are like other universes -- we can't get there yet. And so we are alone.

There is no point in being angry if there isn't anything you can really do about it.

Personality goes a long way -- but it doesn't go all the way.

What does one do when one no longer has anything left to prove to oneself.

Once a political boundary is established, people on both sides of the line typically go nuts.

It is frustrating, and somewhat depressing, to realize that we are at our very best such a small fraction of the time.

We are taught that 1492 is one of the most important years in recorded history. It was the year when white sea pirates discovered land in the western hemisphere. I often wonder about the exploits of Leif Ericson and why no one pays attention to him. There is also the fact that there were hundreds of thousands of people who had already been living on this land for thousands of years. Go figure.

In cosmic terms, human language is not far removed from the croaking of a bullfrog.

Every generalization is wrong sometimes.

Existence is participation, not ownership.

One can be talented but not be a genius, which means that one can have technical gifts, can do things that most people can't, but that one, without the spark of genius, is probably not going to create anything all that interesting, even though it may be aesthetically pleasing. One can be a genius and have no talent, which means that one can be very smart, possessing thought processes and coming up with thoughts that are novel, insightful, and show a valid understanding which comes from an interesting perspective -- but the person might not be too good at expressing hir unique and worthwhile ideas, and probably, without the gift of technical talent, cannot create great works of art that might inspire and teach others. The lucky ones (perhaps they think they're cursed, and they just might be) possess both genius, which gives a backbone of content and substance to their work, and talent, which enables them to communicate their thoughts and create material in satisfactory, sometimes marvelous, ways. Most artists seem to have no genius, and most geniuses seem to have no special scientific or artistic (et al) talent, except that they're smart and can thus do certain things well. And most people don't have any of this.

I was born too early, or in the plain wrong place. I do not belong here.

I think men and women being on a level playing field, for all practical purposes, is just fine (and at this point, unavoidable). Women take a lot of crap, and let's be honest: men are idiots too. But it does seem, however, that the very best men really are better than the very best women. Let's not deceive ourselves: men and women are indeed different, and not inherently equal.

What I do is fine, but it's not the sort of thing that would bring in a lot of money. Perhaps that is a mark for it.

Given that the masses are, by and large, not that bright, perhaps the best thing for them to do is to have religion.

People don't value friendship deeply and appropriately in American society. If you can't beat them, join them.

It is unhealthy for a society to decry everything that is unhealthy.

Problems without solutions are the most interesting ones.

The only thing that seems to precipitate real change is a crisis.

Most people are not very honest with themselves.

The sad irony is that many third world nations were better off under their former tyranny than their more recently acquired "freedom."

When women don't give a fuck about you, you can plainly see what they do give a fuck about when they do.

Morris Berman would say that I was succeeding.

A more glorious future for humanity may come, but we'll likely get no more glimpses of it for some time.

One of the best things a human can do is to stop, take a breath and reflect.

The human race is a bunch of monkeys digging around in the muck, going after bananas with sticks and flinging shit.

Those few who know know they know not what.

My curse is that I was born too early. I am a creature that would fit much more appropriately into the future world. There is nothing for me here and everything for me in the natural development of civilization, in terms of socioeconomy, culture, philosophy and biopsychological makeup. I can only imagine what life would be like in a world in which I fit properly.